First Saturday Goodwill Haul

My local Goodwill features a 50% off sale the first Saturday of every month, and even though I’m not one for crowds, a deal like that is hard to pass up. I made a rookie mistake this trip and went in the mid afternoon. By that time, the clothing racks were so sparse I only took 3 things into the dressing room when normally I take a whole cart. Luckily for me, everyone else was focused on back to school clothes shopping and I had the run of the book section! I was able to scoop up this whole stack for only $9, which puts even my dearly beloved to shame!

Several of these are duplicates of books I already own and really enjoy. (I’m looking at you, Man’s Search For Meaning and Bubbly on Your Budget). I love the idea of being the kind of woman who excitedly recommends a good book, and then sends you home with a copy of it for keeps. I’m also one to write in my books and tend to get attached to the copies that have my notes, which makes having extra copies on hand the way to go.

So thank you, Goodwill, for helping me move one step closer to becoming the woman I want to be.

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